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Amagami SS: Tachibana Miya-hen - Imouto

アマガミSS 橘美也編 イモウト

Miya Tachibana, assuming her annoying brother Junichi will be unlucky in love and alone forever, decides to spy on him at school after hearing that some of her friends find him to be kind and caring. Through her spying, she learns that he gets along well with girls at school, which results in an even bigger misunderstanding, as Miya wrongfully assumes he likes men since he doesn't have a girlfriend. However, after she herself rejects a boy, Miya starts questioning how she views Junichi as she is reminded of Junichi's similar experience from two years earlier.

English: Amagami SS: Little Sister

Synonyms: Amagami SS: Imouto, Amagami SS Special, Amagami SS Tachibana Miya Arc, Amagami SS Tachibana Miya Chapter, Amagami SS Episode 26

Type: Special

Episodes: 1

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Apr 29, 2011

Season: Spring 2011

Studio: AIC

Duration: 24 minutes

Parent Story

Amagami SS
TV - 25 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Summer 2010
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