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恋姫†無双 Bluray ちび

This anime is based on an eroge game by Baseson, which was loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Having lost her family to bandits during night raid, Kanu swears, she will not let others share the same pain. She quickly becomes a well-known and feared by villains bandit hunter. During her journey she comes across others, who wish to join her cause. One of them is a girl RinRin, who had similar experience with bandits in the past.

Japanese: 恋姫†無双

Type: TV

Episode: 12

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jul 09, 2008 to Sep 24, 2008

Season: Summer 2008

Studio: Doga Kobo

Duration: 25 minutes

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Poster of Shin Koihime†Musou
Shin Koihime†Musou
TV - 12 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Fall 2009

Spin Offs

Poster of Koihime†Musou OVA
Koihime†Musou OVA
OVA - 1 Episode (Finished Airing)
Spring 2009

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