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Queen's Blade: Grimoire

クイーンズブレイド グリムワール

The story takes place after the wandering warrior Leina's championship has ended. The royal court's magician Alicia uses black magic and opens a doorway to another dimension. From that door, a rabbit lures Alicia into another dimension called Melfairland. Melfairland is holding a tournament of its own to award out a Queen's Blade, and Alicia enters the tournament in order to find a way to return to her own world.

Japanese: クイーンズブレイド グリムワール

Type: OVA

Episodes: 2

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jan 29, 2016 to Sep 28, 2016

Season: Winter 2016

Studio: Arms Asread

Duration: 29 minutes

Alternative Setting

Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi
TV - 12 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Spring 2009

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