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Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Kou


The history, either daily life or life stories of Sengoku warriors, is described using animals. We invite popular young actors and unique casts to voice out those Sengoku warriors while joking about them. An anime that teases Japan's history and Sengoku warriors; that's "Sengoku Choujuu Giga."


Synonyms: Sengoku Wildlife Caricatures

Japanese: 戦国鳥獣戯画~甲~

Type: TV

Episode: 13

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Oct 09, 2016 to Jan 08, 2017

Season: Fall 2016

Studio: ILCA

Duration: 3 minutes

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Poster of Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Otsu
Sengoku Choujuu Giga: Otsu
TV - 13 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Winter 2017

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