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To Heart 2


Following her graduation from middle school, Konomi Yuzuhara enters the same high school as Takaaki Kono, her childhood friend. As the new school year begins, they meet their childhood friend Tamaki Kosaka, as well as many new accquaintances. Unbeknownst to the group, their encounters with each other will soon lead to many memorable adventures.

English: To Heart 2

Synonyms: ToHeart2

Japanese: トゥハート2

Type: TV

Episode: 13

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Oct 03, 2005 to Dec 26, 2005

Season: Fall 2005

Studio: OLM

Duration: 24 minutes

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Spin Offs

Poster of To Heart
To Heart
TV - 13 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Spring 1999

Side Stories

Poster of To Heart 2 Special
To Heart 2 Special
Special - 1 Episode (Finished Airing)
Winter 2006


Poster of To Heart 2 OVA
To Heart 2 OVA
OVA - 3 Episodes (Finished Airing)
Winter 2007

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